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Mohamad Susli

Ph.D. Candidate 

Email : susli@ust.hk
Office : Rm3124


Thesis Title :
Supervisor : Prof. Amine Bermak
Key words :



[1] P. L. Stanwix, M. E. Tobar, P. Wolf, M. Susli, et al., "Test of Lorentz Invariance in Electrodynamics Using Rotation Cryogenic Sapphire Microwave Oscillators", Phys. Rev. Lett., 95,040404 (2005)

  Book Chapters

[1] M. E. Tobar, P. L. Stanwix, M. Susli, et al,, "Rotating Resonator-Oscillator Experiments to Test Lorentz Invariance in Electrodynamics", in Lecture Notes in Physics, 2006 Berlin: Springer Berlin, Page(s) 416-450

[2] M. Susli, F. Boussaid, S. Chen and A. Bermak, "AER Imaging", Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing 2007, New York: Springer-Verlag, Page(s) 313-322.


[1] P. L. Stanwix, M. E. Tobar, J. Winterflood, E. N. Ivanov, M. Susli, et al, "Rotating Michelson-Morley experiment based on dual cavity cryogenic sapphire oscillator", IEEE Frequency Control Symposium and Exposition, Page(s) 761-767, 23-37 Aug. 2004.

[2] M. Susli, F. Boussaid, S. Chen and A. Bermak, "Arbitrated AER image coding schemes", SITIS, Dec. 2006.

[3] M. Susli, F. Boussaid, S. Chen and A. Bermak, "Efficient Event-Driven frame capture for CMOS imagers", ISSPA, Feb 2007.

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