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Research collaboration is one of the key factors for strengthening and expanding our research program. S2IS group has always been very keen on establishing research links and collaboration work within and outside HKUST

Our current active collaborative projects include:

Smart Integrated Biometric Sensors 

Emerging High Impact area grant with the Mechanical Engineering department

BIOSENS (Bio-Inspired Sensing) 

INRIA-Hong Kong joint research team with Dr. Dominique Martinez.
This project aims at initiating a joint research group looking at biologically inspired processing and their VLSI implementation in the area of vision and olfaction

Temperature-Modulated Tin Oxide Sensors and Bio-Inspired Processing for EN Applications

with Dr. Dominique Martinez, LORIA-INRIA, Nancy, France

Low-Power and High-Throughput Reconfigurable Arithmetic Operations for FPGA

with Prof. Hans Pfleiderer, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany

Power Optimization and Management Techniques for FPGA Implementation

with Prof. Abbes Amira, Brunel University west London, United Kingdom

Electronic Nose Microsystem Based on an Array of Gas Sensors and Advanced PRA

with Dr. Dominique Martinez, LORIA-INRIA, Nancy, France

The Smart Sensory Integrated Systems Laboratory is part of
the Department of Electronic and Computer Enginerring
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology